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Reversible dress-large-104-110-2in1
The reversible dress in action - outside in the park, worn by an almost 5 year old in size Large (~ 104 -
turn-dress Fruehlingsfarben
Great impressions are also coming from Vancouver, Canada: Thank you (📷 @ninaemilyjauernig) for the lace pictures of the reversible dresses with spring colors 🌸 That
knoop-wear beginning of spring turnaround dress
The winter storms are subsiding and spring is waiting very impatiently behind the clouds. We send impressions to match the cool start of spring
Pima substances-from-Peru
The last quality control takes place in Hamburg ... But we could also save ourselves that! Everything tip top 😉 Our colleagues
pima cotton-
Peru, the land of Pima cotton, is known for the finest fibers and fabrics in the world. We are excited about the
wood knobs
Greetings from the Valle Gran Rey and the enchanting nature of Gomera - we are brooding our further plans for that here
knoop wear-blog post 6
Our company, consisting of my sister Nina, my wife Luci and me, Lenni is still young and our product range is
knoop wear-blog post 5
We have familiarized ourselves with a few social media channels and have already received some interesting feedback. now are
knoop wear-blog post 4
After a few days on Instagram 🌱 we received exciting feedback, thanks for the feedback! @signepustrom thanks again for sharing
# frühlingimwinter
🌸 The colors of spring are not only found in nature this season ☺ #springiscoming #knoopwear Here it goes to