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Faire organic baby and children's clothes.

We developed Knoop Wear to produce children's clothing that is sustainable in every sense of the word. Our goal is to improve the world a little and the knob-per-knob. Our clothing is versatile and grows with children. The appearance of the garments can be changed by contact and the cuts can be worn over a long period. So we want to prevent parents constantly buy new clothes and have to sort out old.

Because it is important to us that our clothing is produced as ethically and environmentally friendly as possible, Knoop Wear clothing is made from 100% PeruvianPima cotton produced. For us it is important that our Knoop Wear clothing is produced ethically and ecologically impeccable as possible. As simple as it sounds, it is: we are developing clothes that we love and hope you also fall in love with her.

Lokales family run business

We are a small family business. Knoop Wear’s founders Nina, her brother Lenni and his wife Luci started the company when we realized how “unsustainable” children’s clothing can be. Nina was frustrated because her little daughter Maleah kept outgrowing her garments every few months and because the majority of children’s clothing was not made under environmentally friendly conditions or for sensitive skin.

The three of us designed Knoop Wear’s clothing locally - in Vancouver where Nina lives, and in Hamburg where Luci and Lenni live.

Wie we came to our name

Our residences are so far apart that they can cast a net across the globe. Nina lives in Vancouver, Canada and Lenni and Luci in Hamburg, Germany. But because our friendship alliance reaches far and to make a difference in the world our will, can build bridges, we decided the common "Knoop Wear" project to start.

The name says it all - we make clothes and our clothing is characterized by its Knööp. Knoop is Plattdüütsch meaning button. The Low German language arose among others from the merger of the German and Anglo-Saxon language area - just like our family. In this Nordic cultural area we found the common denominator and a chic connection between our port cities. Plietsch, right?

Teamarbeit in Lima, Peru.

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